While we do offer a lot of caps for all the wheels we sell, Performance Plus / HotrodHanks doesn’t offer the sale of Wheel caps or Center caps by themselves due to the complex nature of getting the right cap for the right wheel. We do get a number of requests, so we have found a reputable company (Wheel Accessories USA) that specializes in the fitment and sale of just wheel caps and center caps for aftermarket wheels. Wheel Accessories USA is an independent Company, so please direct all questions, orders and problems to them directly. Unfortunately Performance Plus / HotRodHanks will not have any information about fitment or Center cap orders that you may have placed with Wheel Accessories USA.


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  1. Need some new caps for my Crager rims 15+-10 my moons are showing signs of rust and dent very easy? Please let me know what is available. A better quality moon or maybe just a new look.

    Thank you

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