While we do offer a lot of caps for all the wheels we sell, Performance Plus / HotrodHanks doesn’t offer the sale of Wheel caps or Center caps by themselves due to the complex nature of getting the right cap for the right wheel. We do get a number of requests, so we have found a reputable company (Wheel Accessories USA) that specializes in the fitment and sale of just wheel caps and center caps for aftermarket wheels. Wheel Accessories USA is an independent Company, so please direct all questions, orders and problems to them directly. Unfortunately Performance Plus / HotRodHanks will not have any information about fitment or Center cap orders that you may have placed with Wheel Accessories USA.


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18 Responses to Center Caps

  1. Need some new caps for my Crager rims 15+-10 my moons are showing signs of rust and dent very easy? Please let me know what is available. A better quality moon or maybe just a new look.

    Thank you

  2. I just bought a set of satin black Silverado ss wheels,wal-mart broke the locating tabs off & now they wont stay located.i need to buy a new set

    • You can find our full range of FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS WHEELS here. You may want to use our year/make/model search system to ensure you choose the size that will fit your vehicle.

  3. Good evening;

    I am trying to find out if you sell opened caps/center piece to facilitate manual 4×4 switch. please advise as soon as possible.

    Best Regards

    • Depends on the size of your caps and whether they fit your new wheel. Given the huge variation in these I suggest sending the measurements of the cap and the wheel you’re looking at to the customer service email and we’ll let you know. Alternatively, if you live close by Long Beach you can pop in and we can discuss the options.

  4. I am looking for center caps for Arceo Rims Part # SC-017 S312-32. Can you please let me know if there is someone who can make aftermarket ones. I bought one from someone in Downey last year. I need one more.

  5. I need 16×8 5 on 4 bolt pattern extending from original center 4″ toward outside of body. The back interior of my back tire is rubbing in turns. I have a 52 Grumman Stepvan that now rides on an extended chevy S10 Chassis. Thanks for your help. I like the rocket racing igniter rim you have on sale. Jan

  6. I have a set of Silverado ss matte black replicas 20inch I’m missing a center cap, so just gonna replace them all do you have these available

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