OE Creations Wheels 126 - Gloss Black Rim

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OE Creations Wheels are designed to fill the void that exists between original equipment wheels and the aftermarket.<p> OE Creations designs car wheels modeled straight from the manufacturer, without the dealer expense.<p> This means you can get a set of wheels that offers exceptional quality but at a mere fraction of the cost.

Whether you may need a set of rims for your race track thoroughbred, luxury tourer, or exotic supercar, OE Creations will deliver unparalleled quality, performance, and looks. OE Creations wheels are created to fill the void between original equipment wheels and the top-grade aftermarket. While making designs that are modeled after aftermarket upgrade wheels which are usually much more expensive, OE Creations can offer them at a fraction of the price without skimping on quality. OE Creations offers the ultimate wheels for any driver who needs a stylish and modern look. The company has been in this business for over a decade and for the short time that it has been around, it set a good standard in the industry. OE Creations rims always undergo several tests such as metal fatigue testing, X-ray testing, spectrometer testing, etc. Their wheels always look good all around as they have the perfect design, size, and finish. You can always get OE Creations wheels in various sizes and bolt patterns. Regardless of your auto’s make or model, OE Creations can offer an outstanding custom look at an affordable price!

Product Reviews

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OE Creations Wheels 126 - Gloss Black Rim
Wheel Size
Offset: 43 mm
Backspace: 7.69"
Manufacturer Part Number: 126GB-2111243
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Wheel Specifications
Wheel Size:20x11
Bolt Pattern (inches):5x4.72
Bolt Pattern (metric):5x120
Backspace:7.69 inches
Offset:43 mm
Full Finish:Gloss Black
Center Cap:Included
Rim Material:Aluminum
Rim Structure:One Piece
Our Price: