Billet Specialties Wheels Malibu - Black Rim

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One key element that holds true for any type of classic, whether it’s music, fashion, films, books, or cars is quality. Billet Specialties American Muscle Collection Wheels offers four outstanding styles, featuring traditional conventional stepped rims, exposed lugs, and a simple cap that will complement your car with the quality it deserves. Your classic is your pride and joy as well as a reflection of your personality, finish it off with a set of quality American Muscle Collection Wheels.

Billet Wheel specialties are American Made Quality first and foremost. Billet Wheels has been at the forefront of manufacturing aluminum wheels since the start, right here in the USA. Billet Specialties' commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned them a reputation for producing high-end automotive accessories. Their products have been utilized in various automotive disciplines, including street rods, muscle cars, trucks, and high-performance vehicles.

Product Reviews

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Billet Specialties Wheels Malibu - Black Rim
Wheel Size
Offset: Custom
Backspace: Custom
Manufacturer Part Number: AMCB40860
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Wheel Specifications
Wheel Size:18x6
Bolt Pattern:Custom
Backspace:Custom inches
Offset:Custom mm
Full Finish:Black
Rim Material:Aluminum
Our Price: