How to Change a Tire

change a tire

Your tires are the only connection between your car and the road, but as robust as they are, wear and damage are common. Over time, tread wears out, so tires should be replaced before they get to 2/32” tread depth. Going beyond this, the thinner tread can easily be punctured by road debris. Abnormal wear […]

History of the Taxi

history of the taxi

In one form or another, taxis have been around for maybe millennia, or at least since the invention of chariots and wagons. Even before the wheel, royalty and people of merit were borne on litters, usually carried by the strongest and best-looking slaves. In modern times, we typically think of a taxi as a car […]

How to Get Autoparts from a Junkyard

There are plenty of places to get autoparts, such as from the autoparts store, a dealership, or your neighbor’s garage, but DIYers might want to consider a less-common option: the junkyard. Indeed, getting autoparts from a junkyard won’t net you brand new parts with warranties, but it’s also cheaper than any other option. Plus, there’s […]

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