Introducing The Rolls Royce Spectre

At first sight, the Rolls-Royce Spectre looks like a vehicle that’s just rolled off the set of a James Bond film. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and it has a certain air of sophistication about it. But what makes the Spectre truly special is that it’s the first fully electric super luxury vehicle. That’s right; this […]

About Whitewall Tires

Today, just about every vehicle on the road is equipped with black tires, though you’ll find some performance cars fitted with orange- or red-stripe tires, sometimes even white-stripe tires. Interestingly, blackwall tires haven’t always been the norm. Invented in 1914, whitewall tires featured a white sidewall with black treads. Natural rubber and zinc oxide produced […]

ENKEI Wheels Review

Ask almost any driving enthusiast for the best wheels at the best price, and invariably they’ll say ENKEI Wheels. Established in 1950, this aftermarket wheel manufacturer’s name is short for, ENshu KEIgokin, which translates to “light alloy of Enshu Province,” where it was founded (Enshu Province is today western Shizuoka Prefecture). In the early days […]

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