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<h3>Entry-level UHP | All-Season</h3>
The Ironman iMove Gen2 AS – Wear-resistant Wherever It Goes.

Built using a next generation wear-resistant compound and featuring an advanced pressure distribution concept, the M+S rated iMove Gen2 AS provides even wear, longer tread life and all-season reliability. With circumferential and longitudinal grooves, this tire allows for excellent responsiveness in wet conditions by maximizing water evacuation to minimize the risk of hydroplaning. In a market that demands economically priced tires, the iMove Gen2 AS delivers with exceptional quality and appealing aesthetics with an impressive line-up covering a wide range of wheel diameters.

<strong>FEATURES &amp; BENEFITS</strong>
<li>Enhanced tread block geometry and siping placement improves grip and minimizes road noise.</li>
<li>Circumferential and longitudinal grooves maximize water evacuation to minimize hydroplane risk.</li>
<li>Asymmetric tread design provides enhanced traction and responsive handling in wet and dry conditions.</li>
<li>Wear-resistant compound enhances durability for extended tread life.</li>

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Headline:“A Great Tire at A Great Value”
Comment:I had just purchased my vehicle(used) from the dealer and noticed after a few months I would catch a flat in the rear two tires. I noticed the rear two were the stock tires (tires on the car when first purchased brand-new) and front were different. The front were IMOVE which I have never seen before. I like the tread pattern, the ride and handling. I went back to the dealer to seee if those tires
Bottom Line:Would Recommend to a Friend
Location:Dallas, Texas
Posted:On Jul 3, 2013 by itsme59er
1 2 3 4 5 4/5
Headline:Cheap but good.
Comment:Bought these for our 4 door Civic, I was looking for a cheap replacements for the stock Dunlops and these impressed me. I just bought another set of 4 for my Tiburon. The new ones will be a lower profile, but I expect the same results. Quiet, comfortable and grippy.
Bottom Line:Would Recommend to a Friend
Location:Halifax, Nova S
Posted:On Jun 11, 2013 by Randomhero
1 2 3 4 5 5/5
Headline:The perfect tire…
Comment:I purchased my 2011 Toyota Carmy SE and the dealer had replaced the front tires. I was very impressed with tire pattern and could tell they were just replaced. After three flats in the "rear tires" I decided to purchase another set. The dealer didn't have these in stock, but doing some research found the manufacture in Cal. Performance Plus Tires made my on-line purchase very reassuring.I just had these installed and went for a road trip. Handling - outstanding!!! Road noise - QUIET....
Bottom Line:Would Recommend to a Friend
Location:Richardson, Tex
Posted:On May 19, 2013 by its59er
1 2 3 4 5 4/5
Headline:Smooth ride. Quiet and great grip
Comment:They replace my Canadian Toyo snow tires here in Fl.
Bottom Line:Would Recommend to a Friend
Location:West Palm Beach
Posted:On Jan 15, 2013 by Big Al
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