Iris Tires Ecoris Passenger Performance Tire

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IRIS Ecoris is a modern top-of-the-range tyre for small and medium-sized vehicles. It is specially designed for drivers who want driving comfort without compromising safety. The low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption and therefore economical driving.

IRIS TYRES is a huge project built on an area of 5.5 Hectares located in the industrial zone of Setif. A 100% local process has been set up with an estimated capacity of 2 Million light, commercial and semi-heavy tyres per year during the first phase which will see a considerable increase in the production rate reaching 4.5 Million tyres per year for the second phase. The complex is a concentrate of technology, we can even say "Intelligent Factory". A highly developed information and management system (MES) and software have been put in place in order to manage all information flows and ensure the traceability and reliability of data and products. The quality as well as the standards and certifications obtained by the brand and its products, have only confirmed that IRIS TYRES is a premium tyre that has its place among the big names of the sector. IRIS TYRES successfully passed an audit of the quality management system and production conformity.

Product Reviews

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Iris Tires Ecoris Passenger Performance Tire
Tire Size
195/65R15XL 95H
Manufacturer Part Number: 6133544007434
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:H
Load Index:95
Section Width:195
UTQG:340 A A
Speed Rating:130 mph
Size Short:195/65-15
Size Long:195/65R15XL 95H
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