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Dunlop Tires' SP Sport 01 A/S DSST ROF is an ultra-quiet, high-performance tire. This tire features jointless band technology which helps maintain the tire's shape and enables smooth performance at highway speeds. The aramid-reinforced bead provides tight & secure fit of the tire on the rim and the max flange shield protects the rims from accidental curb damage. The silica tread enhances dry and wet traction while helping to reduce rolling resistance. The dunlop self-supporting technology has patented sidewall construction and specially developed rubber help allowing continued mobility up to a distance of 50 miles at a maximum speed of 55 mph in normal conditions. The SP Sport 01 A/S DSST ROF is an original equipment tire on the Audi TT.
Performance Plus Tire has sold Dunlop Tires for 30+ years. Dunlop is a storied brand now owned and marketed by Goodyear Tire. Dunlop offers a complete line of passenger, high performance, sport compact and Truck SUV tires. Dunlop is also an original equipment supplier for some of the world's finest vehicles. The Dunlop Rover line of tires is renowned for its excellent All Terrain and Mud Terrain performance. Dunlop has very deep line up of Ultra High Performance tires including Extreme Sport Performance, Maximum High Performance, and All Season High Performance. Dunlop has offered quality Passenger car tires over its long history. The Dunlop SP60 has recently earned a Consumer Reports Best Buy distinction. Performance Plus Tire is proud to offer the complete line of Dunlop Tires.

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Tire Size
MPN : 265026640
Tire Specifications
Speed Rating[?]: SL
Sidewall Style[?]: BSW
Load Rating[?]: 1433
Load Range[?]: SL
O.D.[?]: 26
Section Width: 10.3
Our Price: $413.00
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