Here are a few measurements you will need before you buy wheels for your rod.

  1. Wheel Diameter
  2. Wheel Width
  3. Back Space (also consider tire bulge)
  4. Front Space (also consider tire bulge)
  5. Bolt Pattern
  6. Center Bore Diameter

In addition to the above measurements, it is recommended that you check the clearance on your existing wheels.  Areas to check are;

  1. Outside fender clearance
  2. Inside frame, fender braces and bumper brackets
  3. Suspension and Steering components (turn wheels with steering lock to lock)

Remember, always make sure the wheels are load rated to your vehicle.  Check the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) of the heaviest axle of your vehicle.  The wheel load rating is based on 50% of the heaviest GAWR of your vehicle.

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