Pirelli Tires Scorpion ATR - 325/55R22 116H
Pirelli Tires Scorpion ATR - 325/55R22 116H

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All terrain tire, for use on all surfaces: versatile in all situations with excellent off road capabilities.<p> Off-road, the Scorpion ATR is tenacious and dependable.<p> On road it provides luxury, exceptional traction and resistance to tread wear A versatile and safe tire, the Scorpion ATR features a tread with a specific self-cleaning pattern The Scorpion ATR delivers a high opposition to aquaplaning and low rolling noise, which enhances the acoustic comfort in the cabin while still providing excellent traction in all road conditions.<p> Categorized as an all terrain tire, the Scorpion ATR is able to provide a safe and controlled performance on the most diverse surfaces: from gravel to mud, it offers a reassuring grip.

Pioneering innovation to stay ahead of the game.This is the philosophy that has taken Pirelli to the forefront of the industry on a global scale. 40 years of experience in the Premium segment for a global leadership in product technology - Partnership with major car manufacturers for original equipment supply - Leadership in innovative and green materials -State-of-the-art modeling -Development of flexible and efficient manufacturing processes -Considerable investments in Research &amp; Development

Product Reviews

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Scorpion ATR - 325/55R22 116HScorpion ATR - 325/55R22 116H
Tire Size
325/55R22 116H
Manufacturer Part Number: 2625900
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:H
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:2756lb carrying capacity
O.D. [?]:36.1
UTQG [?]:520 B B
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:130 mph
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