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M&H Tires Radial Drag Rear tires. DOT certified.

Perhaps no other tire brand name is more famous at the drag strip than M&H Racemaster. M&H Racemaster tires are available in vintage drag slicks, drag radials, camber tires, front runner, motorcycle drag slicks and more. From muscle car drag racing tires to all-out slicks, M&H Racemaster is a proven winner at the strip and a trusted name in race tires. The M&H Racemaster tire brand has deep roots in the drag racing world, and Performance Plus is your source for the longstanding tire brand. Despite its history, M&H also develops a number of modern drag racing tires, from DOT approved drag radials to 17 " front runner tires for use on modern muscle cars with big brakes. M&H also offers vintage drag slicks in several sizes to fit Nostalgia Super Stock cars, Nostalgia Funny Cars, Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragsters, gassers, hot rods and much more. Among the immense M&H Racemaster product line are drag slicks and drag radials to fit sport compact cars, modern sports cars and more, so Racemaster tires reach a wide variety of applications, in addition to its faithful customers with a nostalgia drag car in their garage.
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Headline:Great Performance Tire
Comment:Perfect fit for my 1985 Z28 Camaro. No fender work necessary.
Bottom Line:Would Recommend to a Friend
Location:Havana, FL
Posted:On Jul 2, 2013 by The Armadillo
Drag Size
Manufacturer Part Number: ROD-22
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Drag Specifications
O.D. [?]:28
Tread Width [?]:11.3
Section Width:12.8
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