Moto Metal Wheels MO977 Link - PVD Rim

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Moto Metal takes street looks and adapts them for today's lifted trucks and SUVs.<p> Aggressive fitments and styles have built Moto Metal into one of the most sought after brands in the wheel industry today.<p> Developed and engineered using the top performance metrics in the wheel industry, Moto Metal wheels continue to be a leader in quality.<p> Moto Metal styles utilize unique design characteristics like extreme flat, deep lips, milled accents and removable customizable inserts that allow you to customize your wheel to match your attitude.

Founded in 2002 Moto Metal is created for the loud. The ones who ultimately stand united to defend its persona of eclectic rebellion in the face of society. Not for the mainstream for the wild. Moto Metal wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. Like their owners, they don’t play by the rules. They are the final piece of a machine built to challenge the norm – loud, and ready to drop jaws.

Product Reviews

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Moto Metal Wheels MO977 Link - PVD Rim
Wheel Size
Offset: -44 mm
Backspace: 4.77"
Manufacturer Part Number: MO97721288844N
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Wheel Specifications
Wheel Size:20x12
Bolt Pattern (metric) [?]:8x180
Backspace:4.77 inches
Offset [?]:-44 mm
Full Finish [?]:PVD
Wheel Lip:5.62 inch
Rim Structure:Cast Aluminum
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