Drag Wheels DR79 - Bronze Rim

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Despite having a rather classical elegance, many of the wheels under Curva Concepts are trendsetters in their own right and have a unique element about their appearance that really sets them apart from other wheels on the market. Couple that with the brand's dedication to producing wheels that are of the highest possible quality and it easy to see why they've been able to gain so much traction.

One of the world’s premier wheel manufacturers, Drag Wheels holds a deep passion for the tuning scene and Japanese domestic models. For drivers seeking wheels for drifting, drag, or street application, Drag Wheels offers a wide variety of performance wheel options and color finishes.

Product Reviews

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Drag Wheels DR79 - Bronze Rim
Wheel Size
Offset: 18 mm
Backspace: 5.208"
Manufacturer Part Number: DR79188241871RBZ1
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Wheel Specifications
Wheel Size:18x8
Bolt Pattern (inches):5x4.52
Bolt Pattern (metric):5x115
Backspace:5.208 inches
Offset:18 mm
Full Finish:Bronze
Center Cap:Included
Rim Material:Aluminum
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