YOKOHAMA TIRESLooking to discover a different kind of sporting event? Involving cars? No not NASCAR, something way dirtier than that, like off-road racing. If you can get down to Mexico the world’s best will soon be competing.

According to an article from , its time for some off-roading for three Yokohama Tires sponsored teams.

The teams, who captured class championships in last year’s Baja 500 are heading south of the border to compete again in Ensenada, Mexico.

The event in Mexico will take place June 5-7. Competing for the Yokohama sponsored teams are Heidi Steele, Cameron Steele, and rookie Justin “Bean” Smith.

According to the article Heidi Steele is looking to make her 2009 season as prosperous as last year.

“Steele, the overall 2008 champion in Best of the Desert and the SCORE Desert Series, was recently named Dirt Sports magazine’s Driver of the Year.”

She is coming off a story book 2008 season and for this year’s Baja 500 she has moved up a class.

Steele’s husband, the other half of the off-roading power couple, will be competing in the Trophy Truck class which is highly competitive.

Yokohama’s rookie Justin “Bean” Smith is not expected to be a slouch at the Baja 500 either. He is currently ranked number one in the class he is competing in and ranked third in the overall SCORE standings.

Here’s a quote from the article: “We’ve got a talented, hungry group of drivers in this year’s Baja 500,” says Mark Chung, Yokohama’s director of corporate strategy and planning.

The Baja 500 will be the only SCORE race of the summer for the Yokohama team. They will again race in the Primm 300, September 11-13 in Primm, Nevada.

So if you are looking to catch some dirt south of the border, head down to Ensenada to see some of the world’s premier off-road racing champions.

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