Hi, this is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re going to be reviewing the XD Series, XD778 Monster Wheel, and these wheels are by KMC. The XD Series is a series of wheels that KMC created for their off-road division, I guess, and this is one of their wheels, the XD778.


This wheel is a one-piece, cast-aluminum wheel, and the finish is a matted black. They’ve done a really nice job with this wheel, with the large bolts, give you that kind of a multi-piece look. They even did a really nice job with this cap. It’s a very intricate looking cap.


There’s a lot of screw holes around it. The good news is there’s only one that actually holds the cap on, so you don’t have to go through and unscrew 12 screws to get your cap off, which does make it a little convenient, especially when you’re going to rotate your tires.


With this matte finish, it’s a very easy wheel to keep clean. The way it’s just—you just know they did a nice job. It’s very smooth, it feels great. It’s just a wheel that you’d be proud to put on your vehicle.


The rim diameters of these wheels—or the widths are 9, 9-1/2, 10, 11, and rim diameters are 18, 20, 22, and 24. So, they do make the big monster 24s. And these are available in 5-lug, 6-lug, and 8-lug. And this is a real drive application for your lifted and stock trucks, trucks like Silverados, Tahoes, Suburbans, F-150s, 250s, 350s, Explorers, Expeditions, Rangers. You know, the Dodge 1500 to Dodge 2500, 3500 Ram, even the new Durangos and Dakotas.


This also fits the import trucks, like the Land Cruiser and Sequoia. The Land Cruiser and Sequoia have a unique bolt pattern, it’s called 5×150 and KMC XD Series actually offers their wheels for that bolt pattern, so this is a nice option if you have a Land Rover or Land Cruiser or a Sequoia and you’re looking for some wheels. This is a nice option to select from, and it also fits the other Nissan pickups and the Toyota pickups.


So, this is the XD Series, XD778 Monster Wheel. My name is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re locally world famous.

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