I have never been someone to show a strong interest in cars. Discussions about anything automotive-related have long bored me. Going into a tire or repair shop has always just been an errand to me. I have often associated tire shops with drab concrete walls and misery. So when my boyfriend had us stop by the Performance Plus Tire store in Long Beach, I did not have particularly high expectations.

I initially understood the Performance Plus Tire shop to be a store more geared towards niche automotive enthusiasts. My boyfriend loves vintage cars and has taken me along with him to many vintage car shows. Now, despite a general disinterest in automotives, I do enjoy attending hot rod shows. Ever since I was a child, I have felt like an old soul and have long loved perusing antique shops in my free time. Once we parked there and stepped out of the car, I immediately felt as though this place was something different. It went against my expectations of a traditional tire shop. There was a strong nostalgic vibe, giving me insight into the brand, spirit, and culture of Performance Plus Tire.

I saw various vintage cars sprawled throughout the property. Heck, there is even one sitting in the front office, a vintage yellow car emblazoned with the Performance Plus Tire logo. It was just sitting perched behind the front desk. This was when I truly realized that this shop was different from the dreary tire shops my dad dragged

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me into throughout my childhood.

To the side of the front desk was a section capturing the spirit of a diner from the 1950s. The floor was laid down with black and white tile, with a red and black couch capturing the tire shop’s commitment to vintage. There were restaurant booths capturing the nostalgic value of 1950’s America. There was a mockup bar that would make any fan of the decade delighted.  I do love dining at retro diners, as I love the nostalgia of the era. This appealed to the vintage fan in me.

The store contained many visually appealing tires and wheels displays. I viewed the Whitewall Tires display which took my mind back to the many hot rod conventions I had attended in the past. The Pirelli tire display was also visible to me. I just thought of the men in my family that love racing and working on cars. Needless to say, my boyfriend loved this store. Although we are quite young, he has told me that he plans to restore antique cars as a hobby in his retirement.

In the Long Beach Performance Plus Tire store

I must say that the store did have quite a charm. It wasn’t a store fulfilling utility and function of selling wheels and tires, it had been carefully set up with a love and enthusiasm for vintage and antique cars. You could tell that there had been efforts placed towards creating and maintaining the shop’s unique character.

If you are someone in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend visiting the store. Even if you are not someone who takes much interest in cars, you can enjoy the store’s unique set-up while you sit back and help yourself to a free cup of coffee.

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