Toyo Tires are manufactured by a conglomerate of companies all over the world. These companies also distribute and market throughout North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and all over Europe. In the United States the brand is represented by the Toyo Tire United States of America Corporation. They are responsible for selling and marketing the tires for the American car companies and for the American consumers.

Toyo Tire Holdings is the parent company, and it is this division that handles the manufacturing, the distribution and the sales of replacement tires, also for the American Consumers, as well as for a number of commercial companies and vehicles. On many cars today, the Toyo Tire is standard equipment on new vehicles, most notable for the Toyota cars of 2010. While the company has been operating in the United States for forty years, the beginnings of Toyo Tires was in the years just after World War Two. The first office and manufacturing plant was in Japan. Rikimatsu Tohimhisa founded the company in 1945, and the original name for the company at that time was Toyo Tire and Rubber Company.

It was not until the middle of the 1960’s that a plant was opened in the United States, and when that plant opened in California, the company became the first Japanese company to be partnered with a subsidiary in the United States. For many years, the California plant served only the commercial market, but ten years later they began manufacturing replacement tires and equipment as well. Their brand became a widely recognizable brand in the United States during the 1980’s. Throughout the years, the company has remained dedicated to advancing the technology of the manufacturing of tires, and have been the leaders in the testing of new materials and creating tires that are perfect for all vehicles, in all kinds of weather and driving environments. This will ensure that just as in the past, the future generations of car and truck drivers will always have access to quality tires for their vehicles.

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