The Continental General Tire Corporation has a very long and respected history.  In 1909 two men partnered up and started the Western Rubber and Supply Company, William O’Neil and WinfredFouse began their company with the savings that they had, in the hopes of one day of doing more than just selling tires.  They opened their business of manufacturing the General tires as well, just few years later in Akron, Ohio. O’neil participated in his role of general manager through 1960.  Today the company remains to be one of the leaders in the industry of marketing, of export and still, of manufacturing their own products.

Many of their clients using their products as standard for their vehicles include General Motors, Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes-Benz.  Other labels they are responsible for are the brands of Hoosier and Continental, well as the production of many independent and private label retails throughout North America.  During the 1990’s the company moved locations again, this time to Charlotte, North Carolina where they utilized a pre-existing tire production plant.

The General tire found fame through the ingenious marketing campaign which began with a full page ad in the Saturday Evening Post during 1917, and they remain true to their techniques to this day, not in just the business aspects, but in the quality of the tires they supply.  Once the trucking industry was underway, the company began to focus on the best and the safest tires to provide to trucking fleets.  Now a days, these are still some of the most respected products, and General Tire and Rubber is one of the most respected of companies.  When looking for a set of tires, you can find Generals in your local tire retail store, in through many companies selling their products online.  These are tires that have stood the test of time, and you will always be satisfied with your choice to go with the General.

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