Deciding to buy a new set of car tires is a tough decision for many people.  Well, most people know when they do need new tires, but they may be confused about the best place to go, either to a retail tire store or to an online company, and which brand is the best for their vehicle.  One company that is well trusted and respected in the business is the Toyo Tire company.  Not only are they one of the leading manufacturers, for passenger vehicles as well as fleets of trucks and buses.  But they make a variety of other products such as devices to cut down on the vibrations of the wheels and custom seat cushions.

They have a variety of other products such as sealing and waterproofing products, hoses, materials for thermal insulation and car bearings.  They sell products throughout the world, including in Canada and the United States. as well as China, Japan and Australia.  The inflatable car tire was invented more than one hundred years ago, by a veterinarian from Scotland, John Boyd Dunlop.  His first “vehicle” that he used these new pneumatic tires on, was the bicycle.  He got his patent for the tires in 1888 after a previous attempt to patent this kind of tire in 1845 failed to catch on.  The design by William Thomson was too expensive and never caught on, but with the help of Dunlop people now have inexpensive options when it comes to buying new tires.

Toyo tires are some of the best in the business and can be found online at incredible discounts.  When choosing your new tires, there is no need for confusion.  They use the finest of materials known for their traction and the comfort of the vehicle’s ride.  They stand by their products, if you do not love them, and are not totally satisfied, they will accept a return no questions asked.  However, that will not even cross your mind, once you experience the quality that is the Toyo tires.

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