Who makes Cooper tires?  Well, the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, that’s who.  This company is North America’s fourth largest manufacturers of tires and among the world’s top ten.  They manufacture and sell tires for light SUV’s and trucks as well as passenger vehicles, race cars, motorcycles and 4-wheel drive vehicles.  The company works with more than forty distributors worldwide, and they have eight production and manufacturing plants.  Their customers are the wholesale warehouses, the dealers and national and regional store chains.

They focus on the replacement market for tires and this has served them well.  What has also been great for business and employee and customer satisfaction is that their focus is on one goal.  One team and one company.  The relations between employees and the various partnerships is just as important to them as is the relations with their customers.  This is the first step in providing for the customer, to ensure that one’s employees are well recognized, well valued and happy.  This care on the internal workings of the company has proved profitable with the share holders as well.  Many businesses have claimed that over the years, working with the team at Cooper Tire and Rubber has been great.  They offer their employees opportunities to work in a variety of different divisions and a variety of different locations.

One engineer, upon graduating was so satisfied with his employer, he his devoting his entire career to the company.  This is amazing in this day and age.  The company recognizes the value of holding true to the innovations and the creativity of those whom they hire.  They offer up projects to their employees that involve real world problems that need real world solutions, not only for the customer but for the environment too.  Those working for Cooper tire, find themselves presented with projects from testing the tires, the design and the best materials, control and experimental technology.  This is not only a great company for American consumers and consumers worldwide, but for their workers as well.

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