Within the heart of Southern California, Schott Wheels has established itself as a prominent player in the world of automotive customization. Passionately dedicated to the creation of exceptional custom wheels, this company has evolved into a brand that embodies precision, style, and innovation. Want to go behind the scenes to explore the ingenuity and craftsmanship that define their manufacturing process?

A SoCal Origin

Based in the sun-kissed landscape of Southern California, Schott Wheels has cultivated a reputation for excellence in wheel design and manufacturing. As a company that takes pride in its roots, the facility serves as the nucleus of their creative endeavors.

In-House Design and Manufacturing

Schott Wheels’ commitment to quality and innovation is epitomized by their in-house approach to designing and manufacturing Forged Billet custom wheels. From the initial conception to the final production, every step is meticulously orchestrated at their home factory, ensuring unparalleled control over the entire process.

A Spectrum of Applications

By customizing their wheels, Scott’s caters to a diverse range of automotive enthusiasts, offering their masterpieces for an array of applications. Whether it’s the timeless allure of Hot Rods, the muscle-bound aggression of classic Muscle Cars, or the sleek performance of modern Sport Luxury vehicles, Schott Wheels brings a touch of artistry and precision to each.

Craftsmanship and Engineering Synergy

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes are seamlessly integrated with the expertise of the highly skilled team of engineers and craftsmen. This collaboration between technology and human ingenuity yields wheels that not only perform exceptionally but also carry an unmistakable aesthetic that mirrors the passion of their creators.

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A Pursuit of Perfection

The essence of Schott’s mission lies in their relentless pursuit of perfection. Every wheel that emerges from their facility is a testament to their dedication to producing the world’s finest. From Hot Rods to high-performance Sport Luxury vehicles, Schott’s designs are a harmonious blend of fit, form, and function. Schott Wheels is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the union of artistry, engineering, and passion that propels the automotive industry forward. With their roots deeply embedded in Southern California and a commitment to crafting excellence, this American company offers more than just wheels; they offer a piece of automotive artistry that elevates vehicles to new heights. Embrace the journey of precision and style with Schott’s, where each wheel is an embodiment of the shared passion for fit, form, and function.

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