Knowing when you have to replace your tires is a crucial part of maintaining a vehicle and the safety of your vehicle.  A key first part to making sure your tires have the longest life they can possibly have is to maintain proper tire pressure and keep up with tire maintenance. Rotating your tires about every 3,000 miles and checking tire pressure once a month will help make sure you get the life out of your tires that you deserve.

The first thing you need to know is how to recognize when it is time to change those tires. Driving on damaged or overly worn tires is really a recipe for disaster, from being inconvenient to being deadly.  Most tires last anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 miles, but that is with proper maintenance. Let’s face it most people do not keep up with their tires, so they may have to replace much sooner than someone who does properly maintain their tires.  Look to see how worn your tires are, this could be due to excess mileage, damage, or having a faulty front end. Wheel and tire packages wear significantly over time.

Check to see if your tire has bubbles or bulges.  This is a sign of trauma to the tire or neglect and these tire need to be replaced as soon as possible for safety concerns.  If a tire on your car goes flat do not drive on it. If you hope to have the tire repaired, this is impossible if the tire is too damaged.  Also, don’t just keep filling your tires with air. Doing this could weaken the tire and cause a blowout and be very dangerous.

As far as replacing tires goes, check the manufacturer’s suggestions to see how many miles you can get out of the tires. And be warned that that is the suggestion if you take care of your tires properly.

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