Many people have a bit of fear when setting out to buy new tires.  This is justified, as many people are not really sure of just what they should be looking for in a tire.  And they may not know which tire is the best for their needs, for their own personal driving habits or for the weather that they will be spending the most time driving in.

Tires are one of the most important features on a car with regards to safety, so it is important to read up and to know what you will be getting, which really does not take much time at all.  The first aspect to know is when you should replace the old tires.  Many people use the simple test with a penny.  When you insert the penny into the tread of the old tires, the top of the head of Lincoln should be covered by the tread.  If this does not happen, the tread is worn out and the tires should be replaced.  If there appears to be any uneven worn spots, the car tires are in need of replacement as well.

The timing of the purchase of new tires is important as well, and it is best to make those new purchases prior to the change in the weather, either before the fall rains begin, or in some climates, before the summer monsoons.  This will give the tread a bit of time to increase the surface area through a bit of driving, which will provide better traction in the future for those types of driving and climate conditions.

When purchasing the tires, note that it is always important to get the tires with the appropriate carrying capacity for your vehicle.  They must fit the wheel size and the make and model of your vehicle as well.  Knowing your own personal driving style will help as well, when choosing a tire that will best suit your needs.  Most popular are the all-weather tires.  They are durable and will suit most weather conditions perfectly, allowing you the handling abilities that will keep you safe and on the road for years to come.

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