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In an earlier post we revealed how to find what size tires your will your car take, but what should you do if you drive a truck instead of a car? In most respects trucks are no different from any other passenger vehicle, but there are some rare cases where something that works for a car just doesn’t measure up for a truck– literally. Take truck tires, for instance, a set of normal passenger car tires might seem like they would be perfect for your pickup truck, but there is reason why tire manufactures use a classification system for tires in the first place, which was detailed in an different post — it’s because there can sometimes be huge differences between truck and car tires from everything to tire width to load capacity.

Finding the right tires for your truck shouldn’t really be too difficult though; just about every major tire manufacture like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Kumho, and more manufacture truck tires in addition to regular passenger tires. Really finding the right kind of tires to suit your truck is really no different than finding a pair of ordinary tires. To find the tires that will fit your truck just make sure to match your truck’s tire size codes such as LT305/70R16. Luckily if you happen to be considering purchasing plus size tires then you couldn’t have a better vehicle to shop for as many trucks have wider wheel wells that are prefect for accommodating larger tires.  Just keep an eye out for any LT or Light Truck tires if that is what your truck  if your truck does not use average passenger vehicle tires.

But if you’re just looking to simply replace your truck’s current set of tires then our selection of Toyo tires should help you accomplish anything you might need to do with your truck whether it be hauling cargo, off-roading, and everything in between. However, if Toyo is not your style then please feel free to take a look at our selection of cheap tires with free shipping to find exactly what you want.

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