Purchasing tires for your truck is an important decision. The safety of both you and your truck rely on it. On top of choosing the right kind of tires–all terrain, all weather, off roading –you also need to make sure you get the right size. After all, the wrong size tire can result in damage to your front end components as well as the transmission and engine. It can also throw off your speedometer and gas mileage.

To begin determining the correct size, take a look at the sidewall of your current tires. There you will find three sets of numbers. The first set will be three digits and that is the width of your tire. The following set is the height and width ratio of your tire followed by a letter that designates the construction of the tire. The last set is the diameter of the rim. If you are having trouble locating this information it should also be in the owner’s manual for you truck. Inside the owner’s manual you will also the data on your truck’s speed rating as well as the minimum load. It is very important when buying new tires that you meet or exceed the ratings for your truck.

If you desire a little extra lift in your truck without the added expensive of a body or suspension lift, you can do that with custom truck wheels as well. Although, depending on the size of tires you desire, you may have to purchase new, wider rims. The best thing to do before making any big decisions is consult first with your dealership about what would work best on your vehicle and secondly consult a tire expert about different options for your vehicle.

Whether you are looking for some cool new tires to increase your vehicles style or simply wanting to replace the tires you have, it is a big decision. But with the right information you and truck will be driving long into the future.

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