Good quality off-road tires need to be strong enough to put up with the toughest of wear and tear. They should have solid traction, sturdy control and be long-lasting. With that said, it’s difficult to find a tire maker who doesn’t claim to incorporate these important tire qualities with all of their models. So, for those of us on the hunt for the perfect outdoor tire and don’t know the exact specifications to look for, here are a few details you should be examining when purchasing a new set of wheels:

Sidewall tread. Mickey Thomspon MTZ‘s are known for their Deep “tread-on-the-sidewall” tire design called SideBiters. The deep rubber grip gives your tires all around handling.

Stone kickers. A raised piece of rubber between rivets can do a lot to prevent rocks from getting stuck in your tread. This may be a small hassle, but avoiding this nuisance can make your ride that much more enjoyable. It absorbs energy from the stone, then kicks it out.

Balanced scallops. Cups or dips in the front tread is also known as a tire’s scalloping. Scallops that have a well-balanced wear pattern will keep your car rolling quietly. If it’s close to the casing, there’s also a better chance it’s a craftsman-designed pattern.

Multi-ply sidewalls. 2 to 3 ply sidewalls that are angled in different directions give you structure and the best cornering.

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