There is little debate that the Ford Model T is a classic car. From the vintage tires to the handbrake and throttle, the Model T was revolutionary for it’s time. Over the years car collectors have debated the definition of the classic car, and while they haven’t come up with a concrete definition yet they have reached a consensus on a few key factors.

One of the key factors that most everyone can agree on is the age. Traditionally 15-20 years old if the car is no longer in production and 25 years old if the car is still in production. This is also typically the only requirement that states have when granting owners classic car license plates .

Once the age of the car is established, there is a little more variety in the definitions. There are many people that believe that the first and last years models of a particular car are classics. Those who are more discriminating, state that the car needs to be of unique style or contain special features not found on any other vehicles at that time. Any car that has maintained its value and stayed in demand long after production has waned is considered to be a classic. An example of this would be the 1919 Bentley . Even though its sales were not that high during production, it has increased its value and stayed in demand even to this day.

Talking to any car collector you will quickly discover that everyone has their own personal opinion of what makes a car a classic. It really is in the eye of owner. A 1984 Toyota pickup truck may seem like a junky old car to some, but to others it still holds the appeal of the past. And in the end that is all that really matters.

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