Gas prices have always been a topic of interest and concern for drivers, especially in Arizona. Increasing gas prices throughout the past year have dominated headlines and greatly impacted millions of drivers across the United States. In this blog post, we’ll delve into recent news and testimonies from experts regarding gas prices in Arizona and provide valuable insights for drivers.

After months of astronomically high gas prices, it seems as though gas prices have finally been decreasing throughout America. A May 11, 2023 report from the AAA newsroom states that the national average price of a gallon of gas has dropped by four cents within the past week. While many states, particularly Southern states, are beginning to enjoy gas prices barely bubbling above $3.00/gallon, Arizona prices have remained amongst the priciest in the country, claiming the title of the third most expensive state for gas. Currently, a gallon of regular gas in the Grand Canyon state averages around $4.68, over one dollar more than the current average and quite abysmal when compared to low-cost states such as Mississippi (which boasts a $2.99/gallon average).

So what gives? According to a spokesperson for AAA Mountain West, two large refineries in Texas and New Mexico are currently down for spring maintenance. Having such large refineries shut down has affected the supply chain regionally. That same spokesperson also assured that the refineries are likely to be up and running again before Memorial Day though, so Arizona could soon be following suit towards the oil price downward trend.

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Interesting to note is that Maricopa County supplies gas directly from California, whereas Pima County receives gas from Texas. California boasts notoriously high gas prices, perhaps due to higher taxes and stricter environmental regulations. Yet, while these regional factors play a role in Arizona’s gas price dynamics, drivers can still take proactive steps to optimize their fuel efficiency and explore cost-effective alternatives.

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Arizona Central the local AZ news organization offers further insights here.
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