Rims and tires are as essential to your vehicle as the engine and gas. Strong, sturdy rims help support the enormous weight of your vehicle; while your tires ensure you have a safe and smooth ride. Unlike the engine, which comes with your vehicle and typically isn’t replaced unless it dies, there are many options of rims and tires to choose from if you want to customize your vehicle.

Often when people purchase new vehicles the first things that they want to change are the rims and tires. With so many different choices to choose from it can be hard to pick just one. If you have some extra room in your budget you may even be able to pull off a set of show wheels . Regardless of what you decide on one of the most important considerations is size.

Most of the size of your rims and tires is based on your vehicle. A Honda Civic is going to take much small rims than a Ford F-650 . While most rims are made in many different sizes to accommodate many different vehicles, it is a good thing to look into before you get set on a certain one. Contacting the dealership or even your vehicles owner manual can give you some good information about what your vehicle is capable of handling. If your vehicle is rated for a smaller size there is something that you can do to increase your width.

Wheel spacers are a good option if your looking for a little extra width. They attach right to your vehicles hub and your rim attaches to the spacer. The most important thing with spacers is double-checking that everything, both the spacer and the rim, are completely tightened. This may just allow you the little bit of extra space that you needed for the rims of your dreams.

Fortunately tires come every size . There may not be too many high-intensity off road tires available for compact cars but they do have everything for city, country, weather, and winter. Once you have found your rims then all you have to do is select your tires. Fit is important here as well. If your tire is too narrow for your rims there won’t be an adequate seal to keep air in the tire. On the other hand, if the tire is too wide it will hang over the rim and will also not be able to hold air.


There is a little bit of wiggle room between the width of the rims and the tires; however this is much safer for smaller vehicles than larger ones. The added weight of larger vehicles can add increased pressure on tires that don’t fit right causing damage to the vehicle and the occupants.

Shopping for rims and tires to customize your new, or old, ride can be a lot of fun. But as with everything on your vehicle, size and safety should be the top priorities.

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