If you have ever watched a dirt race, whether it was professional or amateur you will notice that there is a large difference between a race on a paved track and a race on a dirt track. It should come as no surprise that there are therefore specially made products just for this type of racing. Tires are just one aspect of this, but they are probably the most important part for the car you are racing.

If you are racing on a dirt track, there is a specific type of tire that could help you. These are sometimes called race car dirt tires, mostly because it is a straight forward type of name for a straight forward sport. What are is the difference between normal race track tires and these special ones made for the dirt? They have a special tread that makes it easier for them to drift on the dirt while still maintaining some control of the vehicle. What this means is that they need to have grip, but not too much grip. They also have to be wider so they can grip the dirt easier, and so that there is a larger surface to slide across when the car makes the turns. There are also elements in the tires specially for the dirt to prevent as much wear and tear as is possible.

Because they are drag tires there are some things about them that are different from regular tires. They can only go on a car in one direction because otherwise it goes against the way the tires are made. If installed correctly, the tires will still wear evenly, instead of wearing on the inside tires quicker. The tread is notched so as to keep from being feathered by the elements. This cannot be fully prevented, but can be slowed down. There are wide grooves in the tires that are meant to promote self cleaning. There is also a specially designed side wall inside to help prevent popping. This is one of the main hazards of racing because if a tire pops it could make the car flip and it could mean death for the driver.

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