For car enthusiasts concerned about keeping up on the latest trends, sometimes the most buzz-worthy car parts come from distant locations. Originating in the Netherlands, Vredestein tires have become a popular performance brand name known for their sleek look and quiet capabilities. Customers choose the tires to achieve a smooth ride with ultimate control, which make them especially popular for winter driving.

Not only is the tire brand garnering attention within the auto market, but its image has caught the attention of the advertising industry as well. In November, Vredestein was named a “Cool Brand” in the newest edition of “CoolBrands, the Guru Book” – a prestigious marketing source that provides a collage of the world’s most interesting product or service advertising.

The official tire for the Audi Q5, Vredestein spurred shock and awe with their take on the spare tire. Incorporating functionality and innovation into design, they developed a folding tire called the Space Master that can be inflated in minutes, while still being capable of traveling long distances. The tire made for premium vehicles is an ultimate space saver.

The inventive tire company emphasizes creativity, specialized research and state-of-the-art equipment in their product development, experimenting with new applications of materials and production procedures to ensure that their products are highly competitive. Vredestein Tires works closely with vendors and aims to produce a range of tires with optimal price-quality ratios.

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