game controllerProbably the most argument causing post on here, this list of the best video game racers is by no means all-inclusive. Just consider it a thoughtful guide, and post up your favorite below.

Gran Turismo 6

Over one-thousand cars, 80 tracks. That alone makes the greatest driving simulator on the Playstation 3 the winner of this list. The GT series was always known for variety, even packing American muscle and Euro hot hatches into road and rally course shenanigans. The music is great, the scenes whiz by, and you feel like you’re there. Go drive a KTM X-Bow. Now. The game perfectly translates the joy of driving. Now, if only there were an option to run over the license exam instructor….

Forza 5

Forza is a newer series than the venerable GT, but it has proven a serious contender. While it does not pack as much punch in variety of vehicles, the cars Forza has should keep any enthusiast entertained until their thumbs bleed. Hypercars blaze around tracks, with in-game graphics that look better than rendered cut scenes from a few years ago. This game looks more realistic than footage from the 24 Hours of Daytona. It’s the video game equivalent to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Once you see it, you won’t care about its lack of sense.

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Need For Speed Rivals

Speaking of nonsense, the highest selling racing franchise in the world probably has something you will like. Unlike the other games listed, you can take on the role of either racer or the cop trying to pull them over. This leads to intense chase scenes every time, as that other guy isn’t trying to win, he’s trying to put you in cuffs. The cars are somewhat ridiculous, as even Dubai can’t afford a Koenigsegg Agera R as a police cruiser. Still, with beautiful graphics and an awesome dynamic weather system, Rivals offers lots of attractive high speed stupidity.

Grand Theft Auto V

grand theft auto vIf you want to do something really stupid in a video game, this is the one for you. GTA V departs Liberty City in favor of the LA-like Los Santos, and the cars here are noticeably better. A sports car in the older GTA IV handles like a fast garbage truck, so you end up making the bad traffic worse with your myriad accidents and fender benders in a one block span. GTA V raises the bar on vehicle handling, and feel and weight are massively improved over the previous games. Plus, all those chop shops and customization options make this game a gearhead’s dream.

Mario Kart 8

Hey, don’t laugh. There is a reason this series is on its eighth release. Beyond the inane characters and childishly colored tracks lies a serious racing game. The controls have been spot-on all the way back to the first game released on the Super Nintendo in 1992. Twenty years later, it still feels right the way Mario power slides through those dirt track corners. Mario Kart 8, released this year, adds to the fun with anti-gravity driving and HD graphics on the Wii U. Up to 12 online players can race on at once, with voice chat, and then upload race videos to YouTube. This one is here to stay.

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