According to a news article in the Beaverton Valley Times out of Oregon, Portland has decided to reroof a historic building using recycled rubber shingles, as part of a Conservation effort. The recycled rubber tire shingles do cost more money; however, they last up to fifty years.

About ten percent of the tires thrown out each year get recycled, and this is just another way they are being recycled these days.  The price for this type of roof is usually $25,000 to $28,000, but can last upwards of fifty years, and comes with a warranty to that effect that can be fully transferable to any homeowner.  That is about double or triple of what an average new roof would cost, but could be worth it in the long run, considering how long the roof could last.

“Because the tiles have a “honeycomb pocket,” they have higher insulation value, keeping a home warmer or cooler as needed, he says. The surface provides good traction, enabling homeowners to safely walk on it for maintenance or chimney repair. And the roofs are highly durable. Falling tree limbs cannot poke holes in it.”

Also these recycled tire roofs also have high wind resistance and can be pressured washed, which is something you cannot do to a traditional asphalt roof. So how about it, would you consider a recycled tire roof?

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