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Tires are built to deliver a lot, a lot of driving, rolling, tracking, braking, cornering, handling, comforting, traveling, and a whole lot of other stuff. Tires are specifically engineered to deliver very specific performance under very specific conditions, tires are designed and built for specific purposes. It takes thousands and thousands of hours to engineer a tire, thousands and thousands of miles to test a tire. Every tire is designed to deliver a wide variety of characteristics, under a wide variety of conditions for tens of thousands of miles, in many cases, for years and years. Tire mileage expectancy is a rather controversial subject, for tires to last, understand tire mileage life, you must understand proper tire maintenance AND proper vehicle maintenance. If a vehicles wheels are out of alignment then tire mileage life is greatly diminished. If a vehicles shocks or struts are worn-out then tire mileage life will be adversely effected. Some of today’s leading Tire Manufacturers offer a tire mileage warranty.

The Tire Manufacturer requires periodic inspection, rotation and inflation be performed during the life of the tire. The Tire Manufacturer usually provides a “Booklet” for recording the periodic tire inspections at predetermined intervals, usually every 5000 miles. The manufacturer establishes tire mileage ratings to determine the length of the tire mileage warranty. If you take care of your vehicle and tires, your tire mileage expectancy will increase and you will receive ALL the miles you paid for when you bought your tires. Another important point when purchasing tires, today more then ever, tires with longer tire mileage expectancy are priced more comparably with lower mileage tires. In other words, you can get a lot MORE miles for only a FEW MORE dollars. When checking around, ask about getting a little better tire for a little more money, IF you take care of your ride, IF you don’t, you won’t be saving any money.

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