Winter is a unique time of year. Even with the cold weather and sometimes harsh conditions we still love getting together for the holidays, planning outdoor activities on the mild days, and even taking road trips. Road trips –whether they are to visit family and friends, to carve it up on a ski trip, or a just a relaxing time away –can be a lot of fun. But before you head off here are a few maintenance and winter road trip tips to keep you safe and make sure that your trip is filled with good memories.

When it comes to driving in the winter one of the most important elements on your vehicle is the tires. Not only is it important to check the tread wear and tire pressure of your car tires but it’s also important to have the right kind of tires for the conditions that you’ll be driving in. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow or will be traveling and spending a good deal of time in snowy areas, it might be a good idea to invest in a set of snow tires. They are specifically designed to handle the colder conditions and provide better traction on snowy, icy roads. If you won’t be spending much time in the snow and ice a good set of snow chains will probably be sufficient.

Before leaving for any road trip it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast along your route. This is even more important during the winter so you aren’t left stranded or stuck on the side of the road. Knowing ahead of time whether or not there is potential for storms or road closures can help you modify your route and adjust your trip as needed.


No one plans on having car trouble or getting lost when they are on a road trip; however being prepared for the worst can mean the difference of life and death in some circumstances. Jumper cables, a road map, a flashlight, and a basic tool kit are a few of the essentials that you need to keep on hand in your vehicle. It’s also ideal to keep some extra blankets, food, and water in case you get stranded.

Winter road trips provide a great opportunity to get out of the house, spend times with those that you love, and have some fun enjoying the season. Make your winter road trip both fun and safe by preparing your vehicle ahead of time and planning for the unexpected .

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