If you own a vehicle chances are you have had to buy new wheels for your car, whether it is due to a flat or routine wear. Tires are an essential part of every vehicles function and safety. Without tires we would have a pretty hard time getting where we need to go. And without properly maintained tires it’s a challenge to get around safely.

An important part of vehicle maintenance is tire care . Routinely checking and maintaining proper tire pressure as well as visually checking the tread depth and looking signs of excessive wear will help prolong the life of your tires. But even with proper care driving causes tires to wear and eventually they need to be replaced.

Many vehicle owners look at tire replacement with dread; however, being prepared and knowing what you need can make the process much smoother. Knowing what size tires your vehicle uses and what type of tires you need for your climate and driving style are the two things to know before you go tire shopping. The tire size can be found by looking at your current tires’ sidewall. You can also look in your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you would like to try a different size than what is on your tires presently. Many online tire dealer s also post the info on their websites to make it easier to find the right size.

Having a good idea of what type of tires your vehicle needs is also important when you are shopping around for tires. Take into account the weather, will you need rain tires, snow tires, or all-weather tires, or do you need something specific like off-road tires. If you are considering trying something different than what you already have you can contact the car dealership or a tire dealership for direction.

In most cases you will replace all four tires at once; however if you have experienced a flat or for whatever reason need to replace just one tire it’s recommended that you replace two. This allows your vehicle to ride more smoothly and the tires to wear more evenly.

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