NYAutoNew York is like Detroit in the world of auto shows.  It draws a big crowd in addition to providing a venue for automakers to showcase their finest.  2016 was no exception as the two in the one-two punch of introducing models carried quite the impact.

Glitz, glamour, and sparkling reflections combined with comfort, concepts, and horsepower as automakers brought forth model after model of advanced engineering.  As stylish as the show entries were, a replica 57 Chevrolet convertible showed Detroit that plastic will never replace steel when it comes to chrome.  Try as they might, chrome accents still look fake when applied to plastic.  In a parallel to the current state of society, invented worlds dominate what once was a more picturesque, realistic and simpler way when burger stands and drive-ins were dominate forms of social media.

The introduction of a 641 horsepower Camaro created quite a buzz across the many recaps and tweets the show created.  Available in 2017, this barn burner can sport a hard top or a convertible for open driving pleasure.

NYAuto2Not to be outdone, the truck world left an impression on the New York Auto Show.  A Jeep Wrangler with tracks replacing the wheels and a tent popping out of the top made for a display that deviated from boulevard pounders.  Jeep claimed more offroadability in the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk yet appealed to the plush seekers with the Summit.  For the larger SUV customers, Lincoln introduced a concept Navigator to test the waters for future markets.  Nissan challenged Ford and GM with its Titan four door model that is sure to take a bite out of the pickup turned everyday driver market.  Not to be outdone, GM elevated the Denali Sierra for you to walk under and observe that a truck is still a ruggedized vehicle in this day of emissions and fuel mileage.

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It was best to listen closely at this show unless you wanted to confuse a Spyder with a Spyker or a Spider.  Dutch supercar maker Spyker revealed its C8 Preliator while Audi counterpunched with the 2017 Audi R8 Spyder.  Rounding out arachnophobia was the U.S.-Spec 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Elaborazione.

Flip up doors were sported by Spyker and BMW as was a go kart Mini Me version of the latter.

Ford kept up with its series of Mustang introductions showing the 2016 Ford Mustang GT-H Hertz Rent-A-Racer.  This concept is a takeoff on the 2+2 Hertz Rentals for those seeking fastbacks in the mid 60’s.  On occasion, the ones that weren’t wrecked show up at classic car meets.  One regularly appears in Arizona’s weekly Scottsdale gathering while another has been seen cruising Golden Colorado’s monthly event.  The distinctive black paint and wide, gold stripes are common, identifiable traits in the fifty year span of coveted rentals.

Toyota combined the show date, opening day, and Yankee fever into a pinstriped paint scheme with the large team logo brazened across the hood.  There was also a salute to the 50th anniversary of the Corolla.

So what did you miss by not attending?  Plenty.  There were twenty eight world car production introductions and twenty one North America debuts for this category.  Concept car reveals were the same at two each for world and North America debuts.  Finally, race car introductions totaled two as well with the presentation of the Acura NSX GT3 and Honda Civic Coupe GRC.  My throttle foot is already twitching in anticipation of 2017.

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