concept car at auto showAuto shows offer entertainment for enthusiasts, and marketing muscle for manufacturers. If you are looking for the next exiting big deal, or the absolute pinnacle of graceful design, the fall auto shows on this list are sure to please. Some a quite a distance to travel, but if you are looking for the best, you’ll find them here.

Frankfurt Auto Show, September 17 – 27

Frankfurt is always a treat, as this show only happens on odd numbered years. German brands typically dominate the show, saving their biggest, fastest, best models for the big reveal on the home turf. This year, look for the interesting Infiniti Q30 compact crossover, and rumors point to a new Mazdaspeed3 and Ferrari F12 GTO on display. There’s even rumors of an all-electric Porsche. We’ll see.

SEMA Show, November 3 – 6

One of the very best shows in North America, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association show brings out the major manufacturers and the aftermarket companies that make their vehicles even better. The convention center is huge, and it is really mind boggling how much stuff there is to see in only a few days. One of the great things about SEMA is to see new products before they hit the shelves, or to see wild manufacturer concept cars. Speaking of, rumor is that Mustang tuner Classic Recreations is bringing a Camaro to this year’s SEMA.

Los Angeles Auto Show, November 17 – 30

Rivaling Detroit for North American auto show prominence, the LA show has grown into one of the premier auto shows in the world for previews and concepts. Plus, the weather this time of year is vastly better than Detroit. The Hyundai Elantra is set to debut in LA this year, as well as the new Mazda CX-9 SUV.

Tokyo Motor Show, November 25 – December 6

Okay, so we are reaching a bit on this one. Still, winter doesn’t technically start until December 22nd. Tokyo has to be included for the sheer amount of crazy concepts. Sure, that balsa wood giant skateboard powered by a laser isn’t likely to make production, but it sure is fun. This year’s theme is Smart Mobility City, so expect a lot of personal people movers and kei cars. While all the Japanese players will be there, the imports vary from Citroen to Jeep.

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