Tires reused atop homes

According to a news article in the Beaverton Valley Times out of Oregon, Portland has decided to reroof a historic building using recycled rubber shingles, as part of a Conservation effort. The recycled rubber tire shingles do cost more money; however, they last up to fifty years. About ten percent of the tires thrown out […]

China accuses US of protectionism in tire case

This week, according to an article from the Associated Press, a Chinese trade official said the complaint from the United States about Chinese tire exports is protectionism and could harm relations between the United States and China. “The government of President Barack Obama is deciding what action to take after the U.S. International Trade Commission […]

Goodyear posts loss for the quarter, but tops expectations

According to a news article from Reuters, the Goodyear tire company posted a loss for the quarter, but did much better than the industry thought it would.  Their loss was much smaller than analysts had predicted according to the article. The loss equated to this, from the article by David Bailey: “The net loss amounted […]