What year did Charles Goodyear invent Vulcanized Rubber?

Note: post edited on 30 September 2014 to replace language stating that Goodyear created a sulfur-free rubber. Despite the name, vulcanized rubber has nothing to do with the pointed-eared aliens from Star Trek and it definitely wasn’t invented by Leonard Nimoy. Vulcanized Rubber was actually invented by Charles Goodyear in the early 19th century.  Goodyear’s […]

Goodyear posts loss for the quarter, but tops expectations

According to a news article from Reuters, the Goodyear tire company posted a loss for the quarter, but did much better than the industry thought it would.  Their loss was much smaller than analysts had predicted according to the article. The loss equated to this, from the article by David Bailey: “The net loss amounted […]

Hybrids, electric cars create big opportunities for the tire industry

According to an article out June 15, 2009 from USA Today tire makers are doing their best to respond to the new influx of hybrid and electric vehicles. Now that more companies are looking into alternative ways to power cars, the tire industry is looking how to improve tires. “Tire makers are now trying to […]