The official start of winter is less than two weeks away, but in many parts of the US it already feels like it’s here. Snow. Rain. Short day. Cold temperatures. Not the prime time of the year for car cruises and rallies.  It is however, a great time to browse around the web looking for car shows to attend NEXT year and look back at some of the shows that made the summer of ’15 a hot one.

Here’s some video highlights from summer shows around the country to help you reminisce, and possibly give you some ideas of customization or restoration projects to put on your resolution list for 2016.

Summer Madness is a unique event in Bakersfield, CA. It’s a 3-day car show where you can camp out and immerse yourself in car culture.

2015 was the first year the Car Craft Summer Nationals could be found at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee.

And remember all those wonderful summer nights? Check out Summer Sizzle in Tampa, FL.

what local or regional car shows do you plan to attend in 2016?

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