Today’s college graduates have it tougher than ever. Tuition expenses are rising, student debt is at an all-time high, and the cost for reliable transportation just keeps going up. If you’re in college or just graduated, reliable transportation for classes or your new job is essential. The MINI Cooper Oxford Edition is just what your financial aid officer or human resources manager would recommend, and it’s not just some stripped-down MINI Cooper so MINI USA can say you drive one of their vehicles.

MINI Cooper is one of the more fun vehicles to drive, quite unique in appearance, and gets great fuel economy. MINI Hardtop in both two-door and four-door variants, get special treatment for the Oxford Edition, perfect for college students in need of reliable transportation. MINI Cooper Oxford Edition starts with a big discount, starting at $19,750 for the two-door and $20,750 for the four-door. That’s $2,150 off MSRP, with an additional $500 discount financing through MINI Financial Services, a sweet deal for a brand-new car.

The only way to take advantage of this deal is that you must either be graduating from an accredited college or university with an undergraduate, graduate, or associates degree within four months or have graduated from one within the last year (Active military or retired military, within the past year, also qualify for the Oxford Edition discount, but not the College Grad Credit). As if giving a big discount, $2,650 for college students, wasn’t enough, MINI Cooper Oxford Edition includes a bunch of extra stuff for free.

MINI Cooper Oxford Edition starts with a hardtop two-door or four-door, powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine displacing 1.5 liters. The wide stance, light weight, and 134 horsepower and 162 lb•ft torque make for spirited handling and yet up to 38 miles per gallon fuel economy. The six-speed automatic transmission is equipped standard, usually a $1,250 option on the Classic model, and the six-speed manual transmission available as an option.

MINI Cooper Oxford Edition adds on options and technology that only come with other Coopers priced upwards of the $30K mark, though. The 17-inch alloy wheels aren’t even available on the Classic or Signature models, and two extra color options are available in comparison to the Classic model. The heated front seats and panoramic headliner alone are $750 in options, and the Panoramic Moonroof is only available on the Signature model.

All in all, for recent college grads and college near-grads, MINI Cooper Oxford Edition delivers a lot of car for less coin than even the base Classic model. With money tight and dedicated to paying off college debt, MINI Cooper Oxford Edition could be the perfect answer.

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