Believe it or not, we don’t get this question a lot, but it is an important one.  Nothing can really make a car look good like the right set of wheels, but sadly, not all wheels were designed with your car in mind.  See, car makers design their cars with specific wheels that fit perfectly with no play or “looseness.”  When you get a new set, they aren’t always made for the same specs.  What winds up happening is that the new wheels are slightly misaligned or imbalanced compared to those stock 15’s.

If you recently started running new wheels like these then you may have noticed that, in addition to enjoying your car more, there is a little more vibration when you’re driving.  That’s because those wheels and ever so slightly misaligned.  In the short term it’s just annoying, but over time that constant vibration can reduce the life of your tires and cause premature wear on the entire suspension setup.  Hence, you need hub rings.

So what exactly is a hub ring?  Well, that is something that was designed specifically to solve this little problem.  Hub rings fit onto the hub before the wheel goes on.  They help line the wheel up exactly where it needs to be.  Without the rings the only way to line up the wheel is with the lug nuts, which is mostly fine, but doesn’t make for proper alignment.

Ah, but the final question is whether or not you have the right ones.  Every aftermarket wheel maker does things a little bit differently, and finding the correct hub ring for your rims is especially important.  Luckily, the nice folks that sell hub rings usually have very knowledgeable people at their disposal, or at least an online tool that will ask for your car’s make and model and the brand of your new wheels.  Most sets run around $35 or $40, which is a small price to pay, considering the headache of a worn out suspension in a few years. At Performance Plus Tire, when you buy wheels for your car from us, we send you the hub rings for free!

So, do you need hub rings if you have new wheels?  Absolutely yes!  They are a relatively inexpensive way to make sure that your rims, tires, and suspension stay healthy longer, and will make your ride more comfortable.

Know a thing or two about aftermarket wheels?  Were you on the fence about whether to buy hub rings?  We want to hear your story!

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