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Genius, determination, and passion are just a few words that could be used to describe the man behind the name, Mickey Thompson Tires. Born in 1928 California, Marion Lee “Mickey” Thompson found his calling on the streets and strips as early as the 1940s. A “hot-rodder” by nature, a determined man, and veritable genius, Mickey Thompson was making and breaking endurance and speed records by the 1950s. The 1950s saw Thompson drag racing, innovating the “slingshot” dragster, in which the driver sits behind the rear axle, and managing the Lions Drag Strip, in Wilmington, California.

In 1960, Thompson claimed international fame as “The Fastest Man in the World,” the first American to break the 400-mph land speed record. After piloting the quad-engine Challenger I to 406.6 mph, in 1960, Thompson turned his attention to racing, technology, innovation, and aftermarket parts, founding Mickey Thompson Tires, in 1963. He also founded SCORE International, in 1973, to oversee off-road racing, and the MTEG (Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group), bringing indoor motocross and off-road racing to metropolitan stadiums and arenas for the masses. Mickey Thompson has inspired a generation of enthusiasts. In 2016, son Daniel would pull the Challenger II out of mothballs, shoe it with Mickey Thompson Tires, and repeat his father’s land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the fastest piston-driven land vehicle in the world, at 406.7 mph.

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Born on the paved and unpaved tracks around the world, Mickey Thompson Tires is still enthusiast-driven, building the best tires for street, strip, and off-road, from enthusiast-level to professional motorsports. Today, you can find Mickey Thompson Tires at Performance Plus Tire & Auto, who’s carried the brand for over 40 years.

For general off-roading, the Baja ATZ and Deegan 38 are great choices. More aggressive off-roaders should look at the Baja Claw and Baja Claw TTC series, for even more traction. Off-road only bias Baja Claw TTC, Mini Mag, and Baja Pro are dedicated off-road performance tires, and the Baja MTZP3 is rated for extreme mud.

Street and strip users will be sure to enjoy the performance boost that high-traction tires can deliver, such as from the ET Street and Sportsman series, high-performance drag-strip tires built to exceed DOT street-legal regulations. The Street Comp is well-balanced between performance and everyday comfort. Mickey Thompson Tires’ bias-ply Sportsman and Sportsman Pro tires are built for the strip only.

Performance Plus Tire & Auto, founded by Hank Feldman in 1971, has its own background in hot-rodding and performance tires – just look at his other shop, Hot Rod Hank’s – but maintains focus on providing the best tires and wheels for every kind of vehicle on the road, from performance cars and off-road SUVs to weekend drag-racers. At Performance Plus Tire & Auto, located in Long Beach, California, you’ll find hundreds of Mickey Thompson Tires in stock and ready for mounting and balancing or for quick shipment. Stop in or call to speak with a knowledgeable associate and get the right Mickey Thompson Tires for your ride.

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