According to an article from, the government is going to try and impose a label on tires that shows how fuel efficient they will be.

The government believes that if consumers know how fuel efficient their tires are, they would be more prone to pick ones that have better gas mileage in the long run. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Americans use about 135 billion gallons of gasoline each year. And these warnings could help reduce that by at least 2 percent.

The article says:

“With gas prices rising again, the new labels could accelerate a growing marketing war among tiremakers when it comes to touting “low rolling resistance,” the measure for tire fuel savings.”

The label would be affixed to the tire and would be available online, because consumers rarely get the see the labels on their tires before they are put on their car.

This comes after California attempting something a similar program. After that idea, people thought that it would be better to let the federal government take care to that kind of business, so it would be the same state to state.

Because of increasing gas prices, and after last summer when gas topped four dollars a gallon, there has been more effort into making consumers more aware with how to be more energy efficient.

Being more environmental is being considered in every industry today, including the tire industry. But the question remains if consumers would really make the choice of the more fuel efficient tire, over perhaps a cheaper tire. If consumers can only look at the labels online, how effective would they really be?

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