tire pressure checkAvoiding an accident, reducing wear on your tire, and improving gas mileage; all are reasons to keep your car tires properly inflated.  It’s a quick and easy item to add to your monthly maintenance check that will save you time and money down the road.

After you have checked your tire pressure and determined that your tires are low, there are a couple ways to accomplish the task.  Many vehicle owners take their cars to a local tire store or service station with an air compressor.  Sometimes it’s free; however, some do charge 50-75 cents.  Also, if you stop by while it’s busy you could be waiting for a while.  For owners that would rather skip the hassle of a service station, there are portable air compressors ideal for filling your tires.  Although, it may cost a little more it is worth the extra money to buy a quality air compressor that is big enough to get the job done.

Regardless of where you decide to fill your tires, the how is the same.  Begin by removing the tire caps and then work on one tire at time.  First check your tire pressure.  You can find the required pressure amount on the driver side door panel.  Connect the air nozzle to the tire stem and fill it up.  It’s okay to go a little over but don’t put too much in.  If your tires are only slightly low it probably won’t take too long; however you can periodically disconnect the air and check the pressure.  If it’s too high you can press on the gauge and release some of the air. Once you have the pressure within a few psi of the recommended amount you can replace the cap and move to the next tire.

Ironman TiresIf you are using your own air compressor it is highly recommended that you drain the air out of the tank to avoid moisture and sludge from building up inside the compressor tank, and then being transferred to your tires.

During the summer time months, when the air is thinner, you will probably have to refill your tires more frequently but if you make it a habit to check your tires on a monthly or bi-monthly basis you should be able to catch underinflated tires pretty quickly.

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