Whether you’re sporting a ‘Vette, cruising in a Cobra convertible, or just hangin’ out in a Honda – you don’t have to be some famous rapper with billions of bucks to have a totally pimped out car, tricked out truck, or sweet SUV. Getting the bling for your vehicle is easier thanks to the many car parts and accessories site available on the Internet. Many of them have discounted pricing you just cannot find at a local shop or garage. Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to pimp your ride while saving money at the same time.

Tires and Wheels and Rims – Oh My!

Chrome wheels are probably one of the most desired customization options you’ll find today. These dynamic rims come smooth, spiked, polished, wired or even with windows. A sharp-looking set of chrome wheels can outshine the usually more expensive spinners – looking seriously fine and saving you some cash. Adding some detail with a powder coat on part of the surface can further customize your wheels.

If chrome isn’t really your thing, consider buying new tires. Changing up your tread from the traditional gives your car a totally new feel. If you want a vintage look, nothing will get you there faster than some antique style tires. For something that will really stand out on the road, white wall tires look absolutely fabulous, especially on sporty cars. Plus, you can recoup some of your cash by selling your old, used tires.

After surfing for bargain prices online, if custom wheels and tires are still out of your price range – don’t freak out. Add boldness to your wheels with custom caps. Sometimes a custom cap can look just as hot as a custom wheel job. Although chrome hub caps are perhaps the most common, be on the lookout for other options available or chrome caps with added detail. Also worth checking out are the lug nuts for the wheels. They come in all kinds of unique styles; even bullet lug nuts are available.

Accessorize and Personalize

It’s important to remember that the most crucial part of complete car pimpage is to express yourself and make it your own. Several kinds of simple accessories are available to give your vehicle a unique, personal touch. Add a little love with a personalized license plate. If you cannot change the plate (or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting the motor vehicle department), you can just get a snazzy license plate frame. There is a wide range of frames available and most of them look great and don’t cost much at all.

Bumper stickers are great for shouting out your point of view, but if you think they’re more suitable for a soccer mom than a slick hot-rodder, then consider an automobile emblem. Emblems have an edgier look and appear to be part of your car. They even come gold-plated if you’d like something snazzier than the traditional chrome.

Even if you can only resort to a pair of fuzzy dice or a hula girl on the dashboard, pimp your ride and have fun on the road.

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