Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Classic Car Owners

You have many options for holiday gifts that will delight the classic car owner in your life. The possibilities vary from exotic to creative, from expensive frugal. With a little ingenuity, you can find a gift even for someone who appears to have everything. Choosing a gift for a car owner involves understanding the custom […]

Lessons in Teen Driver Safety

There are roughly 260 million vehicles in the United States. A public with lots of vehicles unfortunately has a lot of vehicle accidents. These collisions disproportionately injure and kill teenagers. In response to a dire situation, Congress established the third week of October as National Teen Driver Safety Week. This year it takes place October […]

Preview of 2015 Tokyo Auto Show

The annual Tokyo Auto Show in (where else?) Tokyo, Japan, has always been a high tech showcase and the most important show for their domestic automakers. While the Tokyo show has faded somewhat in Asia due to the importance of the massive Chinese car market, Japan is looking to take back their thunder this year’s […]

Modifying Your Truck

Full-size pickups have made up the single best selling vehicles in the United States for nearly four decades. That means there are a lot of trucks available to buy, new or used, and there are an absolute gargantuan amount of modifications available. Let’s cover some of the basics here, so you don’t end up on […]

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