World’s Best Car Shows 2018-2019

Where there are cars, there are car enthusiasts, along with shows to cater to their enthusiasm, whether it be the latest technology, the best restorations, the most powerful, the most beautiful, or even the ugliest. Here are a few of the world’s best car shows we think are worth checking out. New York International Auto […]

2018 Honda Accord – A Fun Family Sedan

Mid-size sedans are most-often described with words like “ho hum” or “boring,” with appropriately “dead” handling and “appliance-like” performance. Still, drivers find it hard to simply rubber-stamp the 2018 Honda Accord with those same epithets, all thanks to Honda engineers’ determination to put some enjoyment back into the ride. Add in some new technology and […]

Toyo Tires

During the post-WWII economic expansion, many countries in the world experienced great increases in industrialization. In August, 1945, Hirano Rubber Manufacturing and Toyo Rubber Industrial merged, forming Toyo Tire & Rubber Company. Despite similar-sounding names, though, Toyo Tires has no relationship with Toyota Corporation, though it does produce OE (Original Equipment) tires for several Toyota, […]

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