Will Winter Tires Become Mandatory?

Winter tires may soon be mandatory in colder climates as Canada pursues research on whether traffic accidents most often involve vehicles not equipped with snow treads. P.E.I police recently asked the transportation minister to monitor the number of collisions with cars lacking appropriate tires. Quebec already requires that all drivers install winter tires after noticing […]

Bring in the New, Celbrate the Old!

Barrett-Jackson, the annual car collector event that gathers auto lovers from around the nation, is held this week in Scottsdale, AZ. Being located just miles from the extravaganza, it’s hard to miss the pile-ups of tricked-out and souped-up classics making their way into the tents. This year’s event will auction off a record fourteen charity […]

How to Prepare Your Tires for Winter Weather

With winter officially upon us, and sleet and snow creating slippery street surfaces, it’s important to make sure that your tires are well-equipped for slick conditions. Many car accidents typically brought on by icy highways and frigid temperatures can be avoided if we take the time to verify that our vehicles are in tip-top shape. […]

Vredestein Tires are Ultra-Cool for Winter

For car enthusiasts concerned about keeping up on the latest trends, sometimes the most buzz-worthy car parts come from distant locations. Originating in the Netherlands, Vredestein tires have become a popular performance brand name known for their sleek look and quiet capabilities. Customers choose the tires to achieve a smooth ride with ultimate control, which […]

The New Tire: Airless, Bulletproof and Honeycomb

Resilient Technologies and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Polymer Engineering Center are working together to perfect a “non-pneumatic tire” that will support excess armor weight, survive IED attacks and still be able to make a clean, 50 mph getaway when escaping enemy combat. The airless tire looks like a honeycomb encased with a thick tread for […]

Are the Big 3 Next in Line for a Government Bailout?

Looks like Wall Street isn’t the only U.S. market in dire need of government assistance in today’s fragile economy. The auto industry has experienced such a rapid decline since the beginning of the year, the biggest American auto makers are begging for a portion of that infamous $700 billion rescue plan. Speaker of the House […]

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