What Size Rims Do I need?

Tire rims come in a variety of shapes, sizes and looks. Located on your tire is information regarding the recommended size you need for the specific tire model (check out last week’s post for clear directions on this). You can also find out which wheel size best suites your ride if you look in the […]

Tips For Accurate Torquing

Making sure that your lug nuts are good and tight on your wheels is a high priority. The installation process should not be rushed or else you run the risk for damaging the surface of your shiny new set of rims. Below are some tricks of the trade that guide you towards the most accurate […]

Recycled Tires Make More Green Products

No longer do tires simply function as a vehicle’s transport mechanism; the tough tread is now being used to provide our feet with safe travels. Shoe manufacturer Timberland will soon launch it’s “green” model of work boots, made from 42% recycled tires. Like many of today’s new products produced by Eco-conscious companies, this innovative use […]

How To Interpret Tire Sizes

On every tire there is a code that provides specific size information. This obscure set of numbers and letters is located on the rubber right above the rim. Important sizing information is stated in this order: The the height of the tire, width of the tire (or the distance across the tread), and the size […]

How Long Do Tires Last?

The life of your tires is directly related to the effort you put into protecting them. Typically a tire lasts 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Tires also tell you a lot about your vehicle — whether its driven on rough terrain or pavement, if it’s a speed demon or slow and steady, and if it’s traveled […]

It’s Rebate Time!

Starting April 4th thru May 2nd, Bridgestone is giving out Visa prepaid cards to every customer who buys a set of four tires (the list below provides information on the exact styles). The rebate card is valued up to $100 and sent by mail to our customers who purchase from the popular tire line. Now’s […]

Why Fill Tires With Nitrogen?

It’s all the rage in the tire world, and for good reason — nitrogen inflation improves a car’s handling, fuel efficiency and tire life. Nitrogen also allows for cooler running tire temperatures and improved fuel economy. These safety features make filling up with nitrogen a smarter choice for all types of drivers, including truck operators […]

How To Rotate Tires

Tire rotation extends the life of your tires by preserving balanced handling and traction. It is a very important maintenance duty that ensures tire safety, and should be done every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. An activity that can be performed on your own with the proper tools, tire rotation is relatively simple and straightforward. All […]

Will Winter Tires Become Mandatory?

Winter tires may soon be mandatory in colder climates as Canada pursues research on whether traffic accidents most often involve vehicles not equipped with snow treads. P.E.I police recently asked the transportation minister to monitor the number of collisions with cars lacking appropriate tires. Quebec already requires that all drivers install winter tires after noticing […]

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